Graphics card versus CPU, two brains of a computer system

Almost everybody has heard that CPU is brain of all computer systems, but very few people are aware of the fact that there is another brain inside every system, the graphics card.

CPU is considered brain of a computer system because of its data processing capability and graphics cards are the only component of a computer system,besides CPU, that are capable of processing data.

A graphics card contains a computing part named GPU that is responsible for processing graphics related data.

Graphics cards are made to process graphics data and to transmit it to the display device of the system, but at the same time they can be used to process other types of data, that is why they are used recently and extensively in diverse fields of science and technology, like supercomputing and cryptocurrency mining.

Both CPU and graphics cards are capable of processing data, however each are good at special tasks related to internal architecture of them. A CPU is very capable and powerful at processing data in a serial manner, that means it can process data in row very fast. On the other hand a graphics cards is extremely capable at parallel computing that means handling many processes at the same time, so CPU and graphics cards should be used based on nature of the project to get the best result.

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